My life is about combining creativity,
social awareness and sustainable entrepreneurship.
It is full of stories, experiments and adventures.

This is more or less chronologically.. maybe… might be some overlaps. Trying to keep it short – if you want to know details meet me for a coffee ;-)-)

I went to a bilingual business school in Vienna.

Went to New York and worked as a volunteer for Green Chimneys – a huge recreational center where kids with behavioural challenges, animals that need care, old people and the care takers work together. It’s a win win win win situation and very complex to explain in few words. This place has been an inspiration for me ever since.

Studied International Development (not finished)
and acting (finished – yey, 3 years).

Traveled through South America and did street theater and social work. 3 times with a South American group. Once I organized a trip with a group from Austria. In total I spent around 2 years traveling like this.

Worked 3 years in marketing (and graphic design) in an international company that produces pacemakers (Biotronik). – Since then doing graphic design.

Went back to Argentina, spent a year studying contemporary dance and partnering (dance has always been a companion) and working in a company for event organization.

Came back to Vienna and co-founded Papertown (architecture made out of cardboard) with Philipp Blume with a focus on design and marketing.

Founded dieLICHTFABRIK – a station for the development of projects that combine art and social impact and created a number of projects within this station (Open Shop for sustainable design, Events, Social Art Workouts,…).

Rented a 160m2 space with Papertown and dieLICHTFABRIK and created a cultural center for social impact. (for 3 years)

Did a (Self-) Coaching and Leaderships skills education at the United Creations Academy.

Got invited to co-develop and train the Train the Trainer course of the United Creations Academy.

Founded stEFFIEExperimental Fun Festival for Innovative Education.

Started with horse whispering and applying theater and creating the Leading Impulse Retreat with Naomi and Nicole.

After the Coaching course I added a NLP Practitioner.

Founded the light’s agency, turning my passions (graphic design, training, experimental events) into a profession.

Currently I am also the art director and lead designer for the Impact Hub Vienna.