To some this might sound like a very difficult question. Others are already very used to not only asking but also answering it on a daily basis.

For my part this is a question I experiment with a lot. Right now for example I’m developing a series of courses called ‚LEADING IMPULSE‚ (working title) together with my two amazing colleagues Nicole and Naomi.

When I first met Nicole to talk about the idea of this course last year we both very quickly agreed: „If we do it, it has to be easy and light, it has to be flowing.“ and so we went with it and created a course that was called „Ladies leadership skills“ at that time.

Our only rule was: „We don’t do anything that doesn’t feel like flow or that feels heavy and ‚pushed’“ Instead we permitted each other to only do the things that we really feel motivated to do at that very moment – to go with the flow in the present.
Because if you are in a flow and constantly try to stop it or move into another direction by force or try to go faster or slower than the flow you will always loose a loooooot of energy trying to do so. And then you’re tired. And you wonder why.

Our hypothesis was (and still is) that if there is something that really needs to happen in order to realize this course there will be motivation just at the right moment from the right person.
If there is no motivation then we have to check the basics again like „Why is there no motivation?“ or „What about the project can be improved so that motivation can flow again?“

I think the hardest part for me personally was to be really honest with myself regarding my motivation. Like, you know, if there are only a couple of weeks left and you don’t have enough registrations it’s easy to let yourself be overwhelmed by fear, stress or emotional and mental pressure and „just do something about it“. But that’s not the motivation we were aiming for.

So we waited, we tried to relax, we checked the basics when the flow was stagnating and we let go of believes about how things should be and rather took things as they developed on the run. And it worked. It was fun, it was easy and everything that needed to be done was being done – even the bookkeeping – and that’s something! I even realized that – if I am not obliged to do it always – I even enjoy doing bookkeeping!

This might not work in every working sector or in every team or situation. But if you have the chance and the right people and moment to try it I highly recommend to

give flow a chance and let it get you!

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